Other Rare Comics

Wolverine #145 Nabisco Variant

The list below contains other rare comic books (excludes recalled, rumoured to be recalled and error comics) of the modern/copper age that are limited in numbers making them both rare and valuable (depending on the fanbase) to the discerning collector.

Obviously there are a whole multitude of Dynamic Forces, RRP/retailer incentive, black and white issues and other rare comic books around so this list is initially limited to the following criteria:

  • Timeline: 1980-present
  • Print run (rarity): 7,000 or less
  • Price: actual sales over $100 for an individual issue in NM (Near Mint) condition raw or over $200 for CGC 9.4 (i.e. equivalent raw NM grade is over $100)

We will try and build this page up over time, adding issues monthly, highlighting some of the key investment comics of the modern age.

Ultimate Spider-Man 1 White Variant