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Moon Knight (Volume 5) #1 1:75
Sienkiewicz Variant Cover

Marvel Comics, March 2014.

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Moon Knight #1 1:75 Sienkiewicz Variant Cover

Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf By Night #32, published in August 1972, and gained his own series in late 1980.

Moon Knight #1 1:75 Variant Back Cover

This is the Bill Sienkiewicz 1:75 retailer incentive cover variant of Moon Knight #1 from the 2014 series (Volume 5) with a story called "Slasher", written by Warren Ellis.

Moon Knight #1 1in75 1:75 Story Title page

In June 2016, the cover art was available for $7,000 on Sienkiewicz's website below:

Moon Knight #1 1in75 1:75 Art

In the same month, CGC Census only listed 25 copies of the variant with just over half in the top grade of CGC 9.8. Copies of the comic are hard to source and sometimes there can be none for sale at all.

MoonKnight #1 1:75:
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