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Halle the Hooters Girl #1: Recalled!

Cabbage Comics, January 1998.

Guide: $10 NM
Est. qty: 7,000
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Halle The Hooters Girl #1 Recalled Cover
Guide: $10 NM
Est. qty: 2,000
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San Antonio Gold Edition

Halle The Hooters Girl #1 Recalled Alt Cover

Cabbage Comics allegedly used the Hooters name without permission in the title and content of this comic leading to a lawsuit with the Hooters organization.

The San Antonio Texas (Gold Foil) Edition was specially produced (only 2000 made) for the National Tour of the swimsuit/calendar models who were the comic's inspiration.

Halle The Hooters Girl Recalled Gold Foil Certificate

It was rumoured that the standard recalled edition was the rarer of the two versions, however, around 7,000 were initially distributed and it is presumed that these all made it to the public before the lawsuit (hence rumour is probably not true).

Halle The Hooters Girl Recalled Cover

There always seems to be a number of these being bought and sold at fairly reasonable prices, although the higher grade CGC copies appear to be increasing in price recently (note: sales are more sporadic for CGC graded copies, which is not suprising as there aren't many graded!).