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Venom Lethal Protector #1 Error Edition

Collectability: 3 stars Marvel Comics, February 1993.

Some of these issues were, at the time of distribution, returnable (not recalled) due to “Black Cover” printing error. Anyone returning these comics could be seriously regretting their decision, however, as they can be worth up to 200 times their cover price (depending on condition).

These issues were meant to have a red foil cover background, but a few were issued without the foil and have a black background instead.

WARNING: There are some counterfeits in existence so buyer beware!

Venom Lethal Protector 1 Black Variant Cover

At auction, in February 2010, a CGC graded 10.0 (MINT) copy apparently went for $3,000!

In early 2013, two raw copies went for $500 and $650 respecively on eBay. At that point in time there were 115 in the CGC census.

CGC also have a single "white cover" variant registered, which may be a gold foil cover minus the foil.