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League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 Recalled

ABC (DC) Comics, June 2000.

Recalled 3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

League Of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen 5 Recalled Cover

Issue #5 of Volume One contained an authentic (not fake as suggested elsewhere) advertisement for a Marvel-brand douche from the early part of the 20th century.

This ad caused DC Comics executive Paul Levitz to order the entire print run destroyed over concerns that this could lead to litigation with their main rival (Marvel Comics).

It is thought that none of the recalled comics were ever distributed in the US, however, there are conflicting reports that a few may have made it into the DC comics preview packs. What is certain is that a small batch had been shipped to the UK and escaped the destruction.

With only 200 or so thought to exist this makes it at least 4 times rarer than the Elseworlds 80-Page Giant that Paul Levitz also recalled, hence is probably the rarest modern comic book in existence.

Notably the writer, Alan Moore, went on to create a "Miracle Douche Recall" headline on a newspaper in the humorous comic Top 10 linking the LOEG recall with the litigious Miracleman.

Amazingly, not only was the Marvel-brand douche advert real, but the products themselves can still be seen today. Below is an photograph of an original box:

League Of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen 5 Recalled Marvel Syringes

Prices for LOEG#5 recalled have been climbing steadily and it seems to be on par with Elseworlds 80-page giant.

Notibly a number of copies seem to be concentrated with eBay comic shop Kochcom (run by Joe Koch) selling over 10 raw copies over the last 5 years plus at least one high end CGC 9.8 graded copy. Similarly in the U.K., one collector was known to have bought up and CGC graded over 12 copies, including a water damaged issue, which graded CGC 2.5 - the worst copy known to exist!

Below is a reproduction of a portion of an early CGC Modern grade label showing the comic details:

League Of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen 5 Recalled CGC Label

Of course this page would not be complete without the notorious advert itself:

League Of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen 5 Recalled Marvel Ad

The second edition replaced "Marvel" with the less controversial "Amaze".

League Of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen 5 Amaze Ad